Info for expats living in the Netherlands or Belgium

Safety first.

Both portrait rights and copyright law apply to all photos taken of a model. These regulate the rights and obligations of models and photographers. Furthermore, there are often all kinds of wild rumors about photographers, usually spread by someone with whom they have had a business or personal (failed) relationship or rejected models. After all, nowadays anyone can say anything on the Internet (the infamous trolling, fake news and deepfakes). For that reason, Karl always builds in a 'safety valve'. The rule applies, especially for underage models, that a parent is in principle present at the photo shoot. This creates peace and security for everyone. During the shoot, only those who the model asks will be present, so no strangers or large crew. Furthermore, if desired, a new model can be brought into contact with (the parents of) an existing model to check things out.

What does it cost / earn?

A model never has to pay. The idea is to make money. A model who is invited to a shoot always receives a travel allowance. In addition, there is a payment of at least €50 for a shoot. For a commissioned photo (for example for an advertisement or company poster), this amount can increase considerably.

If photos are sold as art posters, the model receives a profit share (royalty) of roughly one-third of the profit per poster sold. Because the same poster - in a limited edition - can be sold multiple times, this can amount to several hundred euro.

Do you have to be handsome and muscular to be a model?

Whether someone is handsome is always a matter of taste. What is important to us is that you have a good appearance and character. In addition, male models must indeed have a well-groomed slim or sporty body, but a six-pack is certainly not always necessary. For male models over 40 years old, a toned body is less important and it is all about a characteristic appearance. Girls and women are photographed in both slim and plus size.

Do I have to be naked?

No. To start with, a model never "has to" do anything and you determine your own boundaries. It is a misconception that there is a lot of nudity in Karl's work, because if you pay close attention you will see that in 90% of the works of art there is in fact nothing to see. And certainly no intimate genitals. But it is true that in most themes a lot of the body is visible. This is also very common, such as in swim wear and boxer shorts advertisement to the covered nudity at Calvin Klein and D&G. It goes without saying that the broader your boundaries, the easier you can be used for shoots.

I have no experience.

As a model - at least in our productions - you have to be willing to push your limits and be able to imagine yourself in a role (i.e. be able to act a bit). If you have no experience in this yet, this is not a problem. What is very important is that you enjoy doing/learning. The photo shoot is done step-by-step because that way the atmosphere is relaxed and you get plenty of time to grow into your role. That's nicer for you, more relaxing for us and nicer for the photos.

Make-up and/or makeup?

Many people think that make-up is a necessity for every shoot. That is not true. Make-up is especially necessary to make someone who is standing under bright studio lights not look so pale. For women, make-up is usually used, but for men, only a basic foundation is usually applied. Other (disturbing) imperfections are polished away in post-processing. Furthermore, it depends a bit on the type of shoot that is intended and/or what makeup and make-up is required.

Can I bring a friend to a photo shoot?

As described above, underage models always have a parent present. Adult models may bring a parent or their relationship partner. We don't want you to bring other friends who are just doing nothing on the side. Moreover, it almost always turns into a bit of a corny mess that distracts you and that is never good for your photos.

I live in Belgium

Models from Belgium often come to the studio in Breda, which is near the border. They usually come by car, but since the beginning of 2018 there is also a direct train between Brussels / Antwerp and Breda. If a model comes from the border region, other transport arrangements can be made (for example, you will be picked up and brought home).

How can I register?

If you have received a personal invitation, please send your registration to the email address on the card. If you would like to register yourself without obligation, please send an email to [email protected] and state;

- your name + date of birth
- residence
- phone number
- one or more photos that also show the body (e.g. holiday/beach photos or selfie in front of a mirror)

You will then be notified as soon as possible whether we see opportunities for you. If you are under 18 years of age, you can only work as a model after consultation and permission from your parents.