Hi Karl,

I saw your website and love it! What wonderful photography you make. I like the stories that you put into them vry much because it gives them an extra dimension
Charles Ruys(non-registered)
Ik ben een liefhebber van foto's die een verhaal vertellen, die schoonheid uitstralen, die met passie zijn gemaakt, top gekaderd zijn en mooi belicht.
Als je dan ook nog platen produceerd die bij publicatie scheve ogen kunnen opleveren, en je durft dit,
dan verdien je wel respect.
Karl Hammer(non-registered)
Dank aan iedereen voor de lieve complimenteuze berichten, en met name aan Luuk (hieronder); ik verdien weinig complimenten voor mijn chaotische jeugd hoor ;) hugs
Mooi om te zien na al de bewogen jaren in heusdenhout. Alle goeds Karl. Het is je gegund.
Jammer dat je met jou mooie foto s niet meer op Facebook zit.
Martin Marozsán(non-registered)
Sorry I missed your expo in august but my compliments for your website and great photography! You are really outstanding.

Best wishes
Christina Havelock(non-registered)
Dear Karl,

I want to congratulate you on this great website and, of course, your fantastic photography. I really know of no other photographer, except for those copying you, who merges reality and fiction so wonderfully.

All the best
Mark Tim(non-registered)
Absolutely beautiful images!
Mark Dyer Creative Fine Arts Studio
Thierry Alain(non-registered)
prachtige fotos hoor.
Amelia Baker(non-registered)
There are obviously many compliments already said about the artistic qualities of Karl but I would nevertheless like to add my own here too.
To me Karl is one of those "masters of light" who compare to classic painters such as Rembrandt. Each art photo is a balanced piece of work with an intrinsic theme and character model, sometimes provoking hidden feelings of sensuality with his audience. To me, he sets himself apart from all other art photographers, even those of great fame.
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