Codebreakers Reward


Karl cracked most of the code, he has not been able to retrieve the lost diamonds and this is why he presents all his findings to a world-wide audience to help him unlock the last secrets and trace the hiding place of the gold and diamonds. On 12.12.2012 he offered a € 12.000 reward to anyone who can solve the last part of the puzzle. Hammer: “Just like Stefan Krah and his network of amateur researchers managed to crack the earlier Enigma code, I now hope that the same can be done with this one.”

There are several conditions to the payment of the reward.

  1. Payment is only due when the gold and diamonds are actually and tangibly presented. Karl Hammer is at no time and in no way obliged to act or travel to visually inspect the gold or the diamonds.
  2. The genuineness of the gold and diamonds must by determined by an independent expert.
  3. Karl Hammer in no way wants to become involved in (international) criminal or morally reprehensible acts of conduct. Acquiring the gold and the diamonds must be in accordance with the aforementioned.
  4. The explanation of the entire code as used in the specific letter in the dossier must be rational and intelligible, so that this explanation substantiates what the factual hiding place of the gold and the diamonds has been and where therefore the gold and the diamonds were now found.
  5. Karl Hammer lays no claim on any gold or diamonds retrieved.
  6. The discoverer(s) of the gold and diamonds, however, agree to reveal their full and detailed account of how they deciphered the code and obtained the gold and diamonds to Karl Hammer, and that on the bases of this account Karl Hammer has the exclusive publication rights.


Since the publication of the book many people have tried to assist Karl to solve the puzzle. This lead to some promising and exiting moments. However, per 12.12.2014 no definitive results were achieved. For this reason Karl has set a deadline for the reward on June, 12th 2015.


After the closing date of June, 12th 2015 Karl will evaluate all the (new) relevant information, review it with its sources and experts and consider an update or sequel for the book. In the late Summer of 2015 Karl will travel to the Alps for a final attempt to find the hiding place of the gold and diamonds. Also it may be interesting to read about the attempts made by several other people but which thus far have proven unsuccessful. Less serious are the conspiracy theories that have started to surround the book. Most of them are directed against Karl personally and claim he is in fact a Werewolf-agent. Obviously these people have not read the book where Karl condemns Nazi atrocities and fascism, writing about the Holocaust: "As far as I was concerned, there had most certainly been a resolute persecution of Jews and other minorities. But the number of victims, in my view, was irrelevant. Even if only one person had been persecuted per day because of religion, race, physical defects or social status, it was still one too many."

Other conspiracy theories claim that Karl is an agent of the Vatican, of the Russian KGB, the American CIA, British MI5, MI6, and many other agencies or secret societies. Although these theories are merely attempts to discredit Karl they provide a rather humorous addition to any update or sequel.